I'm a gameplay programmer with degrees in both computer science and game design. I'm able to use this experience to work with designers very effectively. I can maximize iteration efficiency, and ensure that designers don't have to struggle to work with difficult programming. Currently looking for work, no restrictions on location.



Anuhea is a Google Stadia R&D / game development project.

I served as an intern for two months on the Anuhea project, primarily using Python and C++.

I was able to get up to speed with the development pipeline 2-3 weeks faster than the lead programmer had expected, and was able to translate a unwieldy, core part of the game into a well documented, defensively programmed, and testable system.

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Rollossus is a ball-rolling action/evasion game which launched on Steam and Itch.io on March 1st, 2019.


Rollossus was created with a team of 10 people, in Unreal Engine 4, using Blueprints with supplemental C++. I am translating the old Blueprints into 100% C++ code, which you can find here.


My contributions as lead programmer... I created milestones and sprints for the whole team. I refined player movement and enemy behavior. I also organized a launch party with a local business.


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