Skills gained


From working on this project, I:


  • Gained experience working in a professional, agile studio environment, which pulled from

    • Lean

    • XP 

    • Test-driven development

    • Defensive programming

    • Peer review and pair programming

Sharable Links

Programming Duties


As a programmer on the team, I:


  • Refactored unwieldy parts of the code base

    • Critical systems​

    • Added log statements, renamed variables, created helper methods, and adjusted everything to meet the coding standards

  • Came up to speed on the project 2-3 weeks faster than projected by tech lead

    • Not afraid to ask questions, or admit gaps in knowledge​

  • Created a new spreadsheet parser

    • Helped create a system to translate designer-english into a consistently formatted .json file​

    • Utilized data validators, logging, and automated sniff tests

    • Used a contract to aid parallel development

    • The parser allowed us to make real-time modifications to playtest data, to speed up our iteration cycle

  • Designed and prototyped our first enemy type

    • Involved an understanding of our C++ to Python API​

    • Created a Design Document of the experience, found here

My coworkers and I loved using my workstation for pair programming
HumaNature Studio's "Pair Programming Palace":