Skills gained


From working on this project, I:


  • Gained experience with failing fast and rapid iteration

  • Experienced having content cut

  • Prepared a 10-minute pitch targeted toward industry professionals

  • Programmed content in a way in which it could be rapidly iterated on


Programming Duties


As a programmer on the team, I:


  • Prototyped mechanics to fit designer goals

    • Game direction changed rapidly during a 10-week period and often required very different mechanics

    • This helped designers "find the fun"


  • Created player movement and various abilities

    • Achieved satisfying flight mechanics

    • Prototyped an alternate method of movement for a new player class


Management Duties


As a manager on the team, I:


  • Prepared a 10-minute pitch for industry professionals

    • The Indiana University Game Design program hosts a yearly Shark Tank, where students pitch game prototypes to industry professionals.

    • About half of these get cut, and the other half go on to further development