Skills gained


From working on this project, I:


  • Gained experience with shipping a project

  • Gained experience on a long-term project

    • January 1st, 2018 - March 1st, 2019

  • Tested and refined systems through iteration

  • Worked with a variety of specializations and personalities to bring together the project

Since launch, I wanted to develop my C++ skills and began to convert my old blueprint code to C++ code

Programming Duties


As a programmer on the team, I:


  • Filled misc. roles as needed

    • Created save/load game code

    • Helped teammates pseudocode, debug, and optimize code for player abilities as well as camera controls

    • Found a solution to avoid Git merge conflicts with binary files using Google Sheets

    • Organized and maintained naming and file structuring conventions for the project

  • Wasn't afraid to explore outside of gameplay programming when I needed to fill a need for the project

Management Duties


As one of the leads on the team, I:


  • Led programming meetings

    • Helped teammates pseudocode upcoming tasks

    • Collaborated with teammates to tackle difficult challenges

    • Ensured scrum sessions ran quickly and were informative


  • Made sure deadlines were met

    • Created monthly milestones for the whole team

    • Broke down the milestones into weekly sprints with Asana

    • Especially useful before deadlines such as IGF or launch.


  • Helped create an official LLC and conduct business operations

    • Creating and discussing revenue splits with members

    • Paying outsourced artists to create promotional art

    • Discussing performance with members to aid them in making their best work


  • Organized and executed a profitable launch party

I'm in the white hat, leading a meeting!

We filled a bar before 9pm!